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Personal Budgets

PSSRU led the evaluation of the impact and cost-effectiveness of personal health budgets in 2012. Our findings endorsed a radical policy move to give some chronic care patients control of a budget to meet identified health care and well-being needs.  More 


"PSSRU has made a signficant contribution to strengthening the evidence-base for policymaking in key areas of commissioning and performance, long-term care finance and mental health economics."


Senior policy maker


PSSRU Manchester

In 1996 a branch of PSSRU was set up at the University of Manchester (along with a branch at the London School of Economics and Political Science) to provide a formal connection with a medical school. Three staff have grown to twenty over the last 18 years.  More 


Blast from the past

In the 1970s these researchers had just started out research careers working at the newly formed PSSRU.


They moved on to direct branches of PSSRU in 1996 … but don't look a day older… or do they?


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